Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms


About the Book I begin my review with this beautiful quote as it aptly fits my feelings after reading the book. “Stepfamilies tell us the story that second chances are possible and love can overcome anything.” Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms is a collection of stories about  experiences of stepmoms with their […]

The Enforcers

The Enforcers

Summary Chloe, a former professional assassin turned investigator, along with Caleb Jones, is a part of The Enforcers, an elite bureau commissioned to maintain law and order of city states on a forbidden colony planet St Antoni. Chloe’s life takes a turn when she finds herself in the midst of the murder of storekeeper Samuel […]

Abigail’s Journey (The Catskills Saga)

Abigail's journey

Summary Abigail’s Journey is the story of Abigail Chesney, who is living happily with her loving husband George, a tenant farmer and three lovely children, Sam, Sarah, and Lizzy on a farm in Danbury. Tragedy struck the Chesneys when the landlord gambled their farm’s deed away, compelling them to leave their house and move to […]

Visiting Heaven

Visiting Heaven

Summary Visiting Heaven is the story of a young woman named Victoria who lost her spirit to live after losing her dearest grandmother who was her guardian angel in the world. Suffering from the trauma of her loss, Victoria decides to end her life, when she gets an unexpected chance to visit heaven and see […]

Wolf Man

Wolf Man

Summary Wolf Man is a story of Steve Lurgan a photojournalist who survives a mysterious wolf attack while covering war stories from Serbia, Jana Dragana an aspiring actress who gets trapped in world of drug mafia, and an honest investigating detective Darko Lucic. Fate and friendship bring them together when the city reports a series […]



Summary Orthicon is a sci-fi satire about dystopian America where cartoon characters are alive and planning a malicious coup to overthrow the political regime according to the intolerant conservative government. The President fears that the toons would demand citizenship, equal rights and end up taking over the country. And so, he calls for a timely […]

Keep Smiling: A Career Guide for Models

Keep Similing Tiana Pongs

About the book Keep Smiling is an autobiography cum career guide handbook by Tiana Pongs, a world renowned model and actress who has penned down her rich & diverse experience in the fashion industry in it. Tiana’s journey began as a 15 year old photo model in Mönchengladbach and peaked as an established face in […]

Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson Novel

Hanging softly in the night Book review

Summary Nick Larson is a detective in NYPD and gets his hand on the most unnerving and intriguing crimes of the city along with his kickass colleague Victor Sacco, while the trauma of his ex-wife’s death still haunts him. The conflict is staged in a suicide case of Isabel Creasy, a young and ambitious woman […]

Firefanged: Demon in Exile Novel

FireFanged DEmon in Exile series book review

Summary Firefanged is the first fantasy fiction novel of the Demon in Exile Series written by author Rory Surtain. It is a story weaved around one protagonist with two souls; one is a demon warlord named Firefanged waiting in a sinister bar to be reborn while the other one is Ara, an 18-year old who […]

The Ancestor

The Ancestor General Book Review

Summary The Ancestor begins with Wyatt Barlow’s resurrection and battle with a wolf in a cave of Alaska. Lost in time, Wyatt is unable to recollect any of his memories of how he reached there. As he leaves the wilderness to find his strings to past, he meets Travis, who is not only his doppelganger […]