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Stepping into a New Role, Stories from Stepmoms


"“A collection of heart-touching experiences of Stepmoms and their journey to building a delicate bond with their Stepchildren with love, patience and sensibility”"

The Enforcers


"A gripping crime thriller with a hint of sci-fi and romance. A strong protagonist who marks her presence both in the novel as well as in readers’ memories."

Abigail’s Journey (The Catskills Saga)


"A compelling saga of a woman’s journey through love, loss and life again. A beautiful recreation of the rustic lifestyle, social prejudices, complex relationships and a young woman’s independent spirit which will determine her fate in a small town."

Visting Heaven


"A sweet story of a girl regaining her spirit to live after an unexpected heavenly encounter. If you are having a bad day and things are not working out just pick up this book written with so much love and hope to lift your spirits up and get back on the track. "

Wolf Man


"An interesting fantasy crime thriller where the mystery of homicides and the fate of a Wolf Man will leave the readers intrigued until the suspense is revealed."

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