Wolf Man

Wolf Man

By John Reinhard Dizon


"An interesting fantasy crime thriller where the mystery of homicides and the fate of a Wolf Man will leave the readers intrigued until the suspense is revealed."

Man or a Wolf Man?


Wolf Man is a story of Steve Lurgan a photojournalist who survives a mysterious wolf attack while covering war stories from Serbia, Jana Dragana an aspiring actress who gets trapped in world of drug mafia, and an honest investigating detective Darko Lucic. Fate and friendship bring them together when the city reports a series of unusual homicides where the victims, mostly drug dealers and gangsters were ripped apart in wild animal attack. Darko suspects Steve of hiding the truth on the ground of being a common element in all of the attacks, unaware of the big picture involving a racket of drugs, organ trading and terror organisations like Al-Qaeda. While one of them struggles with his new identity and escape both police and mafia, the three of them try to uncover the truth behind mystery of inevitable deaths and the true mastermind of the organ harvesting market.


Structure and Element of the Book

The Wolf Man is a fantasy crime thriller story where the plot is weaved around suspicious unnatural homicides, organ trading and supernatural elements with a hint of romance. The set up drifts between high tension conflicts in New York City to chilling deserted mountains of Serbia where  a lot of backstory takes place. The story follows the narrative arc with a quick addition of  new element of suspense as the scene change until the climax approaches. However, such quick transitions and additions becomes a lot for the reader to keep with and unfortunately can lose interest.



The story has enough twists and turns to make it a good gripping thriller, but the editing makes it difficult for the reader to focus and enjoy. After reading the story, one may feel that the author has done some serious research about the plot, given the meticulous details. The author has also done a good job in portraying the agony and pain of the protagonist of bearing the weight of the new found identity. Some of the dialogues will catch your attention and stay with you even after the story is over.


“It was the roar of neither man nor beast, rather that of the Devil himself.”


However, there is a lot of room for editing so the storytelling does not lose reader’s interest. Some changes can be done in the next edition such as removing unnecessary angles of terror outfits, shortening the backstory in Kosovo, revising the sentences, paragraph lengths and spacing.


“No matter where you go, this thing will find you.”



The Wolf Man is recommended to all fantasy and crime thriller lovers. It is a short and interesting read where the mystery of homicides and fate of the Wolf Man will intrigue the readers till the end until the suspense is revealed.


Shelley Reviews Rating

Story: 3.5/5

Structure & Elements: 3.5/5


Creativity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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