Visiting Heaven

Visting Heaven

By Rebekah Wagner


"A sweet story of a girl regaining her spirit to live after an unexpected heavenly encounter. If you are having a bad day and things are not working out just pick up this book written with so much love and hope to lift your spirits up and get back on the track. "

Who would you meet if you were asked to visit heaven?


Visiting Heaven is the story of a young woman named Victoria who lost her spirit to live after losing her dearest grandmother who was her guardian angel in the world. Suffering from the trauma of her loss, Victoria decides to end her life, when she gets an unexpected chance to visit heaven and see her grandmother. Her nanny convinced her to have faith and believe that there is more to life. Unaware of the secret plan of the guardian angel, Victoria finds a job at a neighborhood book shop where she meets Eric, the grandson of the owner.

Together they manage the book store until an unfortunate incident happens which leads Victoria to the dark place she was in before. What path will Victoria choose this time? Or will she get another chance to visit heaven again? These are some questions that compel the reader to keep reading till the end.


Structure and Elements of the book

Visiting Heaven is a fictional romantic story weaved around the theme of loss, love, rebuilding hope and having faith despite the pain. Visiting Heaven may be an idea too unreal for people to believe in, but it has a symbolic meaning of having faith and not giving up on life. The story is well knitted with a few characters, settings and many ups and downs of a typical love story. The author has tried to convey the message that losing a loved one, heartbreak, and sufferings are part of life, but there is more to life. While reading the readers will find impressions of Cinderella and her fairy Godmother in the story. Overall, the story follows the narrative arc of a fantasy turned fiction love story.



The story is well written as the author has captured the emotions of the characters well. The story is an effortless read as the characters and settings are described with minimal imagination. The story is well knitted and follows the theme till the end. It is a quick read that will mostly interest and help the teenagers who are suffering from such loss.



Visiting Heaven is a short, sweet and beautiful story of Victoria with which many of us can easily relate to. Just like Victoria we all have a guardian angel or angels who are watching over us and wish for our happiness. Those angels can be our parents, our friends, our teachers who can help us in rebuilding hope and finding happiness in life.  If you are having a bad day and things are not working out just pick up this book that is written with so much love and hope to lift your spirits up and get back on track.


Shelley Reviews Rating

Story: 3.5/5
Structure and Elements: 3.5/5
Writing: 3.5/5
Creativity: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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