We appreciate your attention and will be pleased to offer book review services. We expect the authors to kindly adhere to       the following  guidelines when submitting a review request:

  1. We require a copy of the complete manuscript to provide a fair and detailed editorial review.
  2. The books to be reviewed should be unpublished or recently published in order to be reviewed.
  3. We are based in India and accept manuscript in digital edition only.
  4. We accept books in English and also books translated to English from other languages.
  5. We review books from all genres and for all age groups. However, we won’t be accepting books that promote or encourage violence, hatred or exploitation based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, disease etc.
  6. We take two weeks to let you know if your review request is approved, and depending on the category of review requested which is 2-3 weeks for editorial book review and 3-6 months for basic book review  will be posted from the date of submission.
  7. If we find the book interesting and cannot review in time, we will inform you about the delay and if you want you can cancel the request.
  8. We regretfully inform you that all review requests will not be accepted.
  9. We provide fair reviews so there can be negative or unfavorable reviews of the book. However, you may request to publish or not publish reviews on the website, but will be charged for the service.
  10. Kindly include a short summary, release date or any other relevant information.
  11. If you wish to add or suggest something regarding our review policy, please contact us.
  12. We will updating our review policy as required and the updated version will come into effect the next time you engage with us after the changes have been notified.

Last updated: 5th Decemeber 2020

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