Top 10 thought provoking quotes from the memory police_book_by Yoko Ogawa

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"Men who start by burning books end by burning other men"

The Memory Police

By Yoko Ogawa

Top 10 Thought Provoking Quotes from The Memory Police


“And no matter how wonderful the memory, it vanishes if you leave it alone, if no one pays attention to it. They leave no trace, no evidence that they ever existed.”


“They are the last and most beautiful memento I have of my late father.” But there was no regret in her voice as she tore apart the petals and sent them fluttering into the water.


“The new cavities in my heart search for things to burn. They drive me to burn things and I can stop only when everything is in ashes.”


“The ticket was nothing more than a worn scrap of paper that might have been rescued from a trash can, and I had no idea why she had guarded it with such care.”


“The sound of burning paper filled the air, and yet, for some reason, I felt as though I was surrounded by total silence.”


“Your heart and mine are being pulled apart to such different, distant places. Yours is overflowing with warmth and life and sounds and smells, but mine is growing cold and hard at a terrifying pace.”


“Even when the ferry was disappeared. For me, it meant I lost the fun of getting my hands oily tinkering with the engine. And I lost my salary. But it didn’t really matter.”


“The disappearances of body parts were, in fact, easier and more peaceful than earlier ones, as no one had to gather in the square to burn the objects or send them floating down the river.”


“You may think that the memories themselves vanish every time there’s a disappearance, but that’s not true. They’re just floating in a pool where the sunlight never reaches. All you have to do is plunge your hand in and you’re bound to find something. Something to bring back into the light.”


“Of-course it will. Each word you wrote will continue to exist as a memory, here in my heart,  which will not disappear. You can be sure of that.”