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"Illusional reality is an enchanting tale of a young woman who battles her own fate in an unknown world only to discover her true-self. It is a fresh, intriguing, entertaining, and a well written read."


"A heart-wrenching tale of a family’s traumatic journey of leaving behind their bleeding country, and immigrating to an unknown land in the hope of a better life. "


"An entertaining, rich and bewildering tale to be read with an attentive mind, written by an author with British dialect, French soul and definitely a French palate."


"An astonishing saga of revenge, sorcery, malice and darkness where Dr. Doom battles hell to rescue his mother’s soul and end years of humiliation and agony."


"A riveting, action-packed sci-fi novel about a believer who is on an unusual quest through space & time to find his missing friend, and ends up killing God one day."


"A metaphorical masterpiece about survival under an authoritarian regime on an unnamed island where objects, memories and people are mysteriously disappearing."


"The most powerful tale of pursuing your destiny and overcoming all the odds, with courage, faith and persistence. It is a magical journey everyone must take to discover their own personal calling."