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"If you haven’t read this book, you are missing out on a hilarious sci-fi satire weaved on the deportation of innocent cartoons to save America from their tyranny. A short, insanely funny yet sensitive read which will leave you rolling on the floor and mark the author for the next read."

Keep Smiling: A Career Guide for Models


"An honest, practical and well curated guide for anyone dreaming to build a successful modelling career. More than a list of dos and don’ts, Tiana’s rich experience of 15 years in the field will guide the aspiring models step-by step in making the right choices, survive and succeed in the highly competitive modelling world."

Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson Novel


"A gripping thriller of a detective’s encounter with intriguing murder mysteries while he deals with his traumatic past. Chaotic, captivating and extremely well researched thriller that excites and compels the reader to read it in one sitting."

Firefanged: Demon in Exile Novel


"Firefanged is a fascinating, action-packed paranormal fiction novel weaved around an orphaned teen and a hell bound demon intertwined by an eternal enigma. It is an enriching, interesting and surreal read by a well versed debut author."

The Ancestor


"A captivating thriller carved out in the heart of unknown family ties between two strangers whose fate changes after a brief encounter in the wilderness of Alaska."

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